Signs of aging are natural, but they can be put on hold for as long as you would like. Maintaining a youthful appearance is not as difficult as you think, for there are techniques and treatments available for you.

One of these treatments is skin tightening. This is done using a laser device that’s applied to the area of your skin that are showing the signs of aging that you want to remove. It’s actually very popular. Of course, you will want to know about the surgery first before you decide to undergo that treatment. Well, you’re in luck, because we have all the information that you need to understand laser skin tightening treatment.

How It Is Done

Laser skin surgery should be administered only by trained experts in the field of dermatology. It goes without saying that you should first check out the credentials of the clinic before you sign up for the process, to limit your risks. To prepare for the surgery, dermatologists will order patients to remove any substances that have been applied to the skin. They need the skin raw and without any chemicals in it, including make-up, creams, and other products applied for cosmetic purposes. The dermatologist will then use topical anaesthetic in cream form to numb the skin as much as possible, to make the surgery comfortable for the patient.

Now, the technology used for this procedure has been specifically developed for the procedure. The equipment uses a laser generator that is controlled by a switch and emitted through a hand-piece. Because laser generates high amounts of heat, it is applied by the dermatologist in pulses to specific areas of the body. The pulses alternates between heat, and cool air. If there are minor burns suffered — which are very rare — they are automatically alleviated by the cool air emitted by the hand piece. You don’t have to set aside an entire day for the procedure, although you’re always free to exercise that option. The most time you’ll probably need for laser skin surgery is an hour, tops.

What Are The Effects on the Skin?

Its revolutionary process has profound effects on the patient’s skin. Its most apparent effect is the restoration of the tight and glowing skin that is generally observed in younger individuals.

You see, when we grow older, our skin begins to sag. This is due to a variety of reasons, one of which is the lack of collagen in the affected areas. Collagen is a protein. Its presence is the body is actually vital. In fact, it is considered by the medical community as an essential protein that is linked to the over-all health and wellness of every individual. As you may have inferred by now, the amount of collagen in the skin, in particular, is important to its strength. Take a look at how younger people’s skin reacts to injury – the natural abundance of collagen in their bodies helps to minimize the effects of abrasions and speeds up healing. This type of surgery is designed to tighten loose collagen in your skin, and also encourages natural production of the protein in the body. The most immediate effect is that the skin tightens itself, restoring its youthful appearance. As the body’s natural response (producing collagen) is triggered, you can then expect long-term effects of the surgery over time.

Safety Issues?

There have been no issues observed with laser skin treatment. The worse you can experience is a degree of discomfort, both in the administration of the surgery and in the preceding time after. The technology does its best to alleviate any minor stings and discomfort you could feel during the procedure with built-in cooling systems in the laser equipment used for the treatment. Because it is a non-invasive type of surgery, clients can undergo the treatment and still proceed with their daily lives with only a minimal downtime. You can, for instance, get back to your office and work after an hour’s worth of therapy. They may possibly require sunscreen protection for the first few days or weeks after the treatment to prevent complications or irritations to the affected are due to exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. It depends on each individual, and dermatologists will make the necessary recommendations when appropriate.

Who Can Receive the Laser Treatment?

Generally, anyone who wants to restore the youthful glow of their skin are ideal candidates for the laser skin surgery. In other words, any one who observes that the visible signs of aging are starting to appear on their skin and would like to get rid of them can try and receive the treatment. This description generally fits people who are in their 40s and 50s, although those who are thirty years old and older can, of course, undergo this skin tightening procedure. However, there could be exemptions to this case. People with sensitive skin are generally advised not to undergo laser skin treatment without consulting with a dermatologist. This restriction applies as well to people whose skin easily develops scar tissue – the heating, while minimal, might have the same effect. Women who are pregnant are also discouraged or even barred from undergoing laser skin surgery.

Do you have any questions about your options for skin tightening? Contact Lucere Clinic and have your inquiries answered by a qualified skincare professional!

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