Cynosure Cynergy Laser For Broken Vessels

Cynosure Cynergy Laser Broken Vessels

If you’re looking in the mirror and seeing broken vessels on your face – you aren’t alone. Facial veins and broken vessels are a common condition experienced by many people and can have you feeling older than you actually are. Broken vessels are often inherited and occur more often in people that have a lighter skin tone. Thanks to dermatological advances, broken capillary face treatments are now available through the latest in laser technology; the Cynosure Cynergy laser treatment. The Cynosure Cynergy laser has a high-intensity light beam that passes through the skin and absorbs the red pigment of broken vessels. This heating will result in the destruction of the vessel that will cause it to gradually fade. You’ll start seeing the disappearance of vessels 4-6 weeks after your first procedure. Typically, patients will require more than one treatment to achieve great end results.

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