Fat is something that bothers a lot of people. Women naturally fuss about fat deposits in their body, but men are also affected in some way. Generally, people who want to look fit and trim will certainly want to get rid as much of their excess body fat as much as possible. We’d like to emphasize on “excess,” because fat is actually a nutrient that plays an important role in the body. However, everything about your body should be taken in moderation, which means that excess fat can become detrimental to your health and also affect your good looks. Excess fat is generally dealt with through exercise and proper diet, but there are cases when areas full of fat in the body become really resistant and stubborn. These are the fats that become a headache for people. When exercise and diet fail, the only solution people can turn to are fat reduction treatments. The best thing about fat reduction surgeries is that there are plenty of options for you to look at. We’ll look at four of these treatments and what they can offer you.
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Liposonix :

First, we have Liposonix. The technology utilizes high intensity ultrasound energy that zeroes in on specific parts of the body with the fat the patient desires to remove. Liposonix claims to be able to reduce patients’ garment size by 1 after a single session. Having a size 27 waist that you want to reduce to 26? Well, dermatologists will definitely recommend this treatment to you. Much of its allure comes from the fact that the technology is suited to deal with specific client specifications. In other words, each person can customize each session to fit his or her fat reduction needs, which is awesome. This is due to the focus that the developers of this fat reduction technology have been able to make possible.

One single session of Liposonix takes only 1 hour. The use of ultrasonic energy means that there is no carving up of your skin required, so there virtually is no downtime ad recovery period involved. After one session, you can go back to whatever you have planned to do for the rest of the day.

CoolSculpting :

The name of this treatment derives from the fact that it uses cooling technology to “sculpt” your fats into the shape you desire. Using specially designed equipment, dermatologists localize and freeze fat cells in a process called cryolipolysis. The damage to the fat cells triggers the body’s natural elimination process, generally through sweating and conversion of the fat to calories.

According to the U.S. Library of Medicine’s National Center for Biotechnology Information, cryolipolysis can actually remove about 25% of fats in any given location in the body. This technology and process came about after Dieter Manstein, M.D and R.Rox Anderson, M.D. observed the appearance of dimples in children who frequently consumed popsicles. The two doctors concluded that dimples actually are the result of fat reduction naturally brought about by the freezing temperatures of the delights, and CoolSculpting was born.

In any case, CoolSculpting is popular because it is fast, it is non-invasive and has virtually no painful side effects both after and during the procedure.

Zerona :

Lasers have already been developed for use in various surgical procedures, but this one is unique for its use of what has been dubbed as the “cold laser.”

Of course, Zerona is non-surgical. There’s no need to cut up one’s fats and remove them. All it really does is to shape up one’s body by burning up the fats in targeted areas using a specialized laser emitter called the Zerona Z6. This laser is unique because the energy levels necessary to generate the beam are low, thus it is not as hot as other laser treatments in both clinical and non-clinical applications. You won’t feel a thing at all as the laser works its magic of liquefying the excess fat in your body.

SculpSure :

Last, but definitely not the least, is SculpSure. It is perhaps a direct opposite of Zerona, as it also uses a laser but at a higher temperature than that utilized and felt by clients in Zerona. It is also similar to CoolSculpting in technique, but, conversely, it uses heat instead of the cold. Using specifically targeted lasers, SculpSure burns and melts the stubborn fat in specific parts of the body including the chin. Its main strength, however, is the brevity of the procedure: unlike other fat reducing treatments touched upon in this article, one session of SculpSure lasts for only 25 minutes. Of course, nothing beats exercise and having a balanced diet. Fat reduction treatments, however, are your tools to turn to if you have fats that are proving to be really difficult to burn off through these two aforementioned techniques.

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