Erectile Dysfunction

Lucere’s Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Lucere offers a breakthrough, therapeutic treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It works to provide painless, long-lasting improvements for erectile health and function without pills, pumps, or injections.

Our clinic uses the ED1000, the most effective erectile dysfunction technology available. Our ED treatment works to treat the cause of erectile dysfunction, not just the symptoms. Through gentle, acoustic sound wave therapies, the vascular flow is improved which is critical in improving erectile function.

Benefits of Lucere’s Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

  • Improvement in sexual performance
  • Triggers the body’s natural repair mechanism
  • Enables natural erection mechanism
  • Pain-free and drug-free
  • Long-term solution
  • Increase girth of the penis

Treatment Time

45 minutes

Discomfort Level




Recovery Time


Treatments & Results

Results seen within 6 months. 3-6 treatments needed for optimal results

*Each client is unique and these are general treatment guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lucere’s Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment work?

Using pain-free, low-intensity acoustic sound waves, Lucere’s Erectile Dysfunction treatment stimulates new microvascular blood vessel networks to increase the blood supply to the erectile tissue, which is essential in developing and maintaining a full erection. This treatment is safe and has no adverse effects on your organs or bodily systems, as other therapies do, such as pumps, injections or implants. This is a drug-free solution so you don’t need to rely on medications, including Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

What can I expect during the Erectile Dysfunction treatment?

Lucere’s ED treatment is a safe, pain-free procedure. There are no sedatives or preparatory treatments needed prior to your visit, so you can simply sit back and relax in the comfort of our clinic. You can trust that you are being treated with top-quality erectile dysfunction care.

Is the Erectile Dysfunction treatment safe?

Your health and safety are our top priority. As the leading dermatology, laser, and cosmetic clinic in Edmonton, Lucere is proud to only offer safe and effective treatments to our clients. Our erectile dysfunction treatment is safe, with no detrimental side effects to your body which may be found in other erectile dysfunction methods like injections, pumps, or implants. This is a drug-free option, meaning you no longer have to rely on medications, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

When will I see results after the Erectile Dysfunction treatment?

Results may begin to show in as little as two weeks following the beginning of your treatment, with full results seen around six months. ED treatments require a series of treatments for best results.

How long does the Erectile Dysfunction treatment take?

Most ED treatments are completed within 45 minutes. The procedure is fast, easy, and effective.

Is there any downtime to ED treatments?

No, there are no side effects to this Erectile Dysfunction treatments so you may return to your regular daily activities immediately following your treatment.

Who can benefit from the Erectile Dysfunction treatment?

Men suffering from vascular related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol are great candidates for the Erectile Dysfunction treatment. Anyone looking for a drug-free solution to treating their erectile dysfunction symptoms are also great candidates for the treatment.

Where do I get Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in Edmonton?

Erectile Dysfunction therapy is a safe procedure that should only be delivered by a professional. As the leading dermatology and laser clinic in Edmonton, Lucere is proud to offer professional Erectile Dysfunction treatments to our clients.

Dr. Zaki Taher is a Board-Certified Dermatologist who specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Surgery, and our expert team is specially selected to work alongside him. Our staff is experienced and highly trained in advanced cosmetic dermatology techniques and technologies.

To determine the right Erectile Dysfunction treatment for you, book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Taher today.

How much does Lucere’s Erectile Dysfunction cost?

At Lucere, Erectile Dysfunction treatments range from $499-$550 per treatment. Package pricing is available for this treatment.

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