Over the years, eyebrow fashion has taken many different shapes and forms. From the thin eyebrow trailing downward of the 20s, to the fuller arches of the 40s and 50s, eyebrow shapes have never been consistent across decades. Fast forward to the ample eyebrows of the 80s, the pencil thin look of the 90’s and early 2000’s, and now, finally, we are seeing a trend toward fuller and thicker brows.

Also over the years, we have seen many tools promoted to help us get the look we want, whether that look involves making eyebrows thinner or encouraging fullness. We have plucked, shaded, waxed, shaved, stenciled, drawn, highlighted, and cut, all in the hopes of finding the perfect brow. With the birth of microblading and the trend toward fuller brows, many of these tools are no longer needed in our beauty arsenal. Here are some of the things you might not know about the latest technology in eyebrow beauty!

1) Choosing the right technician is important

Microblading doesn’t require a license, so do your research to find a technician that is trained and certified in order to ensure safety, cleanliness, and that you are given the eyebrow shape and color that you want.

2) Choosing the right shape can take time

An experienced technician will be able to guide you in choosing the right shape of eyebrow based on your features and what you want. Of course, Youtube, social media ad internet sites can also help to find the latest trends, eyebrow specialist recommendations and other eyebrow inspiration. Your eyebrow preferences can change over time, and luckily, microblading allows for these changes to occur.

3) It is relatively painless

Once your shape is chosen, a stencil is used to pencil the brow on. Then, the area is mildly numbed. Your technician then inserts pigment into the skin’s surface with a fine, tiny, and angled blade. This blade is dipped in ink and scraped across the skin to mimic fine hairs. Unlike a tattoo needle, the fine blade causes very little pain.

4) It’s a Two-Part Process

Microblading is a two-part process, with both sessions equally as important. During the initial appointment, you will design your eyebrows with your technician. Surprisingly, this can take some time, as you will want your eyebrows to be exactly the color, shape, definition, and fullness that you want. Then, the microblading commences. The first appointment can take up to 3 hours.

5) Your brows will fade and touch ups are needed

The second session of microblading is usually scheduled four to six weeks after your initial appointment.  During this time your skin will fully heal and the ink will fully settle in the skin. During this time the color of ink fades into the desired shade. Later on, touch ups may include refilling areas that didn’t retain pigment or shading in areas that absorb pigmentation deeper. High quality ink is important to use, and following aftercare instructions is important.

6) Aftercare is vital

Because microblading opens the skin, aftercare is necessary to avoid infection. Generally, aftercare instructions including cleaning brows with water immediately after the procedure, and avoiding direct contact with water, makeup, cleansers, and sweat in the eyebrow area during healing. Once healed, however, you will be able to wake up, go without giving any thought to your eyebrows – which is a large part of the appeal of microblading!

7) The non-permanency of microblading is a wonderful thing

Your new brows will last you anywhere from 1 to 3 years. The impermanence of microblading can be attractive to those who are looking to temporary fill in their eyebrows due to illness or hair loss as their hair grows back in. For others, this allows for brow shape to be readjusted and reshaped as desires change and as fashion trends shift.

Our eyebrows – those relatively small patches of hair above our eyes – are often a large focus in beauty routines. Not only do they protect from unwanted dirt and sweat dripping into our eyes, they also frame our unique and beautiful features. Moreover, they help to communicate our emotions to others: raised eyebrows communicate surprise or fear, turned down eyebrows can show our sadness or anger. Given the important role that eyebrows have, it makes perfect senses to treat yourself to eyebrows in the shape and color you desire!

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