Mole Removal Edmonton

Mole Removal

Lucere is the premier Edmonton Botox Clinic with thousands of patient treatment experiences to add to our exceptional track record.

We are proud to be a center of excellence for the best mole removal procedures in Edmonton. It is very important that the person who assesses and decides on the best technique for removal or sampling of a skin growth is a trained Board Certified Dermatologist. Not just any physician can remove a mole. Ideally you want to perform the type of mole removal procedure that will give you the best cosmetic outcome.

There are 2 techniques for mole removal. We offer both surgical and laser assisted mole removal. We are one of the only clinics in Alberta that offers both methods. We are also fortunate to have the expertise of our Laser Surgeon and Cosmetic Dermatology specialist to help choose the best option for you. We discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure with you and then choose the best procedure for your skin to help you achieve the best outcome. We offer different mole removal techniques at our clinic:-

  1. Surgical Mole removal. This can be done as: 1) Scalpel sculpturing type procedure or  2) Anexcisional mole removal with stitches
  2. Stitch free Laser sculpturing mole removal. We are proud to offer this very advanced technique for mole removal that uses CO2 laser as a way to ablate the surface of a mole and sculpture it flat with minimal to no scarring.

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