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Who we are

Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic is the industry leader in providing expertly injected Botox & Filler, the best laser treatments using proven technology, and a high-end selection of premium, medical-grade skincare 

We proudly deliver these skin treatments with our qualified team of experts who are devoted to the well-being of ourpatients and clients. 

Lucere is About Letting Your
Inner Beauty Shine Through

Fraxel Resurfacing Laser treatment is a safe, one-of-a-kind, non-ablative laser treatment, that provides noticeably younger-looking skin. Fraxel Resurfacing Laser treatments are used to improve acne scarring, tone, texture and radiance of your skin for those who wish to reduce the appearance of sun-damaged or scarred skin.  


Lucere is About Letting Your Inner Beauty Shine Through 


Lucere Means ‘To Shine’

We use the best in anti-aging science and technology to support and maintain optimal health, beauty and vitality. 

Lucere Means ‘To Be Bright’ 

We are the trusted source of skin health education and services. We offer the latest cosmetic medical technologies and expert, patient-centred care.  

Lucere Means ‘To Be Luminous’ 

We provide skin care excellence and leadership in safety and precision by delivering results that excite and instill confidence in all our clients.

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