Skin tags are small pieces of hanging skin that although are harmless – are never flattering. Skin tags are commonly found on the neck, underarm, eyelids and under the breast. Skin tags often develop at a young age and some do go away on their own, however, it’s more common that a skin tag will stay on the skin and grow slowly over time. At Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic Skin our Certified Dermatologist has performed thousands of skin tag removals with amazing results. It’s never a good idea to try and remove a skin tag by yourself, as skin tags have blood vessels that could bleed and become infected. The procedure for having a skin tag removed is quick and requires very little discomfort. At Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic Skin we’re about fast recovery so that you can look your very best each and every day. If you still have questions about skin tag removal, come in for a free consultation with our Dermatologist.