Sun Damage and Aging Reversal

Sun Damage and Aging Reversal

Sunscreen is vital to the health of your skin. Harsh UV rays can have a damaging effect on your skin and can cause sun spots, skin discolouration and even wrinkles. Infact, UV rays account for 80 per cent of skin ageing. Unfortunately we can’t turn back the hands of time and tell our younger self how vital it is to protect our skin from the sun. However there are ways in which you can correct sun damaged skin. At Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic we’ve helped thousands of Edmonton clients repair their sun damaged skin and regain a healthier more youthful complexion.

Clear and Brilliant

At Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic we use the Clear + Brilliant laser to address the early signs of aging and repair sun damaged skin simultaneously, through a non invasive resurfacing treatment. The procedure is quick and painless. Patients will begin to notice smaller pores and fewer wrinkles.


If you’re looking for a procedure that requires no downtime, Photorejuvenation can address the effects of photoaging. Photoaging can be described as damage to the skin due to UV radiation exposure which causes wrinkles, fine lines and discolouration. Photorejuvenation treats the damaged layer of the skin through intense pulsed light that reaches the deep tissue of the skin. This treatment is great for targeting brown spots and improving the overall complexion of the skin.

Fraxel Restore Dual

Fraxel Restore Dual is another great way to restore your skin’s overall health and appearance. Fraxel treats precancerous skin damage from the sun by targeting small areas of the skin at a time. The lasers deep penetration into the skin encourages the production of collagen resulting in smoother and fresher looking skin.

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