Sun Spot

Sun Spot Removal


One of the most visible signs of aging are brown spots on the face. This can occur in people of all age groups. We recommend having any discolouration assessed for safety. Remember, the best trained professionals who can assess your dark spots for safety are Board Certified Dermatologists.


Most sun spots do not respond to creams that promise reduction in sun spots. Often, patients will leave very happy that they had a laser treatment for their sun spots, especially because so many people try expensive dark spot reducing creams without any success.


We offer many different sun spots removal treatments . Come in for a free consultation. We offer treatment options that make Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic the best clinic for sun spot reduction in Edmonton.


  • CO2 Laser resurfacing, SmartxideSmartSkin therapy for sun spot reduction
  • Fraxel Dual Restore Therapy for reduction in pigmentation and dark spots
  • Picosure laser, 532nm and 1064 nm therapy for dark spots
  • Sunscreen: We carry the best physical block sunscreens for reduction of sun induced damage to the skin so you can stop the formation of sun spots before they start.


Treatment Options:


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