Every single one of us strives to reach the idealized standards of beauty we have become bombarded with through our daily rendezvous with social media or our unwavering love for Hollywood royalty. We all aim for skin that looks radiantly young and beautiful or lips that are voluptuously defined.

These, along with an endless amount of other beauty ideals, reflect our youthful outlook on life and motivate us to seek the treatments and enhancements that will allow us to feel confidently beautiful in who we are. Yet, it’s no secret that most of us feel somewhat apprehensive to accept the helping hand of aesthetic procedures at times. That’s understandable, given the endless horror stories of procedures gone wrong or the vision in our mind having been taken too far, where we no longer recognize ourselves.

Look Good. Not Done.

That is where we come in! At Lucere, our philosophy has and always will be for our clients to ​“Look Good. Not Done.​” This philosophy is driven by the idea that our clients will be expertly treated resulting in a fresh, well-rested look with natural results that look great, not fake! Your friends and family will never know you’ve had something done.

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Driven by this philosophy, our Board-Certified Dermatologist and Master Injector, Dr.Zaki Taher, and his team of aesthetic nurses at Lucere, have created Edmonton’s leading premier dermatology, laser and cosmetic clinic, which has become the city’s go-to clinic for proven results. Dr. Taher’s extensive clinical experience and expert eye for what looks good keep our clients satisfied and feeling their ultimate best. We certainly deliver the gold standard, with our expertly crafted procedures and treatments, as well as providing our clientele with unrivalled patient experience.

At Lucere, we believe that our expertly injected Botox and filler, advanced laser procedures utilizing proven technology, as well as our superior medical-grade skin treatments will leave you looking refreshed, rested, beautifully enhanced and feeling great. Our clinic has grown to become Edmonton’s most trusted dermatology and cosmetic clinic with a reputation for leading the market in terms of injectable treatment here in the city.

Advanced Treatments with Proven Results

Advanced Treatments with Proven Results

Botox and filler injections are some of our clinic’s most sought-after treatments, but the list doesn’t end there. Lucere offers an array of treatments and procedures designed to make you look great, but more importantly, feel great!

Being a premier dermatology clinic, we are one of few clinics in Edmonton and Alberta to extensively offer services such as acne treatments, chemical peels, facial contouring, lip enhancements, mole removals, body contouring, PRP for facial rejuvenation & hair loss, hair restoration transplants & procedures, laser hair removal, scar revisions, skin-resurfacing, skin tightening, tattoo removal, vaginal rejuvenation, and much, much more! We are a true, one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs!

PRP for facial rejuvenation

Take Your Confidence to New Heights

Our services have been fashioned to provide solutions to any medical conditions or aesthetic enhancements our clients are after. Your physical and mental well being are important to us, and that is why we at Lucere are committed to offering advanced medical procedures that take your medical history and current conditions into consideration, as your health is of utmost priority.

With that, we aim at providing you with the enhancements that will raise your confidence and to take your self-esteem to new heights with our use of innovative, state-of-the-art technology and procedures. We want to help keep you feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

Lucere is committed to providing high-end, advanced and effective treatments that will allow you to ​‘Look Good. Not Done’​ and we cannot wait to be apart of your journey! We encourage you to contact our clinic today, where our staff will be happy to book you in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs with our team of experts today!

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