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10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Injectables Treatments

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Injectable treatments are here to stay! The demand for anti-aging treatments with more natural results and a less invasive procedure has had a boom in recent years, with men and women of all ages seeking out injectable treatments. This treatment impacts the appearance of flaccidity, wrinkles, facial furrows, and increases facial volume while maintaining minimal discomfort and a high safety profile. These factors have increased demand, leading to injectable treatments becoming one of the most requested aesthetic treatments at Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinics.

Here are the 10 most frequent questions that our patients ask when coming to us for a consultation.

1.  What are Injectable Treatments?

Injectable treatments are also known in the world of aesthetic medicine as dermal fillers, with hyaluronic acid being one of the most popular among specialists and patients due to its multiple uses dark circles, cheekbones, nose, lips, etc.).


injectable treatment for face

Through injectable treatments, the patient enjoys a favorable aesthetic appearance that delays the passage of time, improves skin hydration, and brings harmony to the structures of the face along with increased volume.

2.  What could be an ideal Injectable Treatment for me?

Making a decision on injectable treatments will depend on your area of focus and goals of the treatment, such as obtaining a youthful appearance, improving your profile and removing marked signs of aging.

The specialist will find the ideal botox and filler that meets your unique characteristics while ensuring an excellent safety profile that is effective, non-allergenic, non-teratogenic, does not migrate, does not require a test prior to its application, has a longevity between 8 to 18 months, and is non-permanent.

At Lucere we opt for hyaluronic acid. Its benefits make it one of the best fillers. The commercial brand hyaluronic acid Juvederm or Restylane is a structural protein found in the body. It prevents rejection of the product, stimulates the production of collagen, and is a temporary and resorbable material.

3.  How do Injectable Treatments work on the face?

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are excellent moisturizers and stimulants of collagen. Once the product is injected, hyaluronic acid has the property of attracting a large amount of water in the treated area, increasing the turgor and elasticity of the skin and providing greater hydration and volume. At the same time, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, proteins that are known to be a “fountain of youth” in tissues and creators of a network of support fibers that allow the skin to maintain firmness, elasticity, and youth.

The benefits of collagen production make fillers a successful treatment to be used in facial rejuvenation to provide density, volume, and harmonization to soft tissues that have lost their original facial structure over time.

fillers for facial rejuvenation

4.  What areas of my face can be targeted with injectable treatments?

The ability to treat various areas in the same session makes fillers one of the best aesthetic procedures to perform. The indications and areas that benefit from injectable treatments are:

–          Deep wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows.

–          Filling of the temporary fossa.

–          Wrinkles around the eyes.

Treatment for Dark under-eye circles

–          Dark under-eye circles

–          Non-surgical rhinoplasty or rhinomodelation.

–          Wrinkles and folds on the cheeks.

–          Cheekbones augmentation.

–          Nasogenian grooves and marionette lines.

–          Fall of the angle of the mouth.

–          Perioral wrinkles or smoker’s wrinkles.

–          Lip augmentation and profiling.

–          Increase and contour of the chin and contour of the jaw.

–          Horizontal neck wrinkles.

–          Hand rejuvenation.

5.  Are Injectable Treatments compatible with the body?

Yes! Compatibility with the body is a characteristic that minimizes risks and confers safety when applied. Hyaluronic acid is a substance generated in the body; it is present in the synovial fluid of the joints, ligaments, the vitreous humor of the eyes, and the deep layer of the skin or dermis.

Hyaluronic acid has the particularity of being a resorbable and temporary compound, and it is rare to observe unfavorable reactions.

6.  What is the recommended age to apply Injectable Treatments?

From the age of 21, you are an eligible candidate and can schedule a consultation with a specialist who will advise you according to your case.

At Lucere, we believe in offering injectable treatments for purposes beyond rejuvenation – they should be seen as a preventive aesthetic procedure. It is important not to wait to have marked signs of aging to choose injectable treatments.

If you have deep furrows, wrinkles, or other areas you want to target on your face, you can apply fillers to improve and prevent the signs of aging from accentuating.

So don’t wait any longer! Schedule a consultation and come to Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinics to be treated by our expert dermatologist Dr. Zaki Taher and his team of aesthetic nurses. You will feel confident obtaining the best injectable treatments offered in Edmonton.

guiding about injectable treatments to client

7.  How long do injectable treatments last?

Hyaluronic acid is a resorbable product and lasts from six months to a year. It may depend on the area of the face, the amount of hyaluronic acid that is injected, the brand used, or even on the person.

The effect of hyaluronic acid is cumulative and increases from the second session. It is recommended that the treatment be administered again after consulting with the specialist once the patient has lost the effect obtained in the first session.

8.  Is the application of an Injectable Treatment painful?

Intolerable procedures have expired thanks to advances in aesthetics to provide minimally painful treatments and pleasant experiences with the specialist.

It is common for the patient to report discomfort with the first punctures, no more than that. Before starting the treatment, the specialist is in charge of placing cream anesthesia on the area that is going to be treated or in some cases, fillers such as Juvederm (hyaluronic acid) contain lidocaine. This is ideal to numb the area while the product is being administered so that you don’t have to worry about it being painful.

9.  Will Injectable Treatments have adverse effects and complications?

Going to a certified specialist to perform cosmetic procedures is the best way to enjoy a safe and effective treatment. Complications and adverse effects such as disfiguring alterations, chronic inflammation, nodules, product migration, necrosis, encapsulation of the filler material, are generally associated with fillers being handled by unauthorized personnel, and the use of permanent material (no resorbable) such as Silicone and Polyacrylamide hydrogel.

The side effects that can occur with botox and filler treatment are mild. It is common to observe the appearance of small redness and bruises afterwards.

Following the recommendations of Dr. Zaki Taher, our dermatology specialist, you won’t have to worry about complications and minor adverse effects will disappear within 48 to 72 hours.

fillers lip injection results

10.  What can I expect at my first consultation for injectable treatments?

Providing confidence to our patients is one of the fundamental bases of our ethics. You must feel safe to receive the treatment through the information and reassurance that we offer you through the consultation.

Lucere Clinic in Edmonton

During your first consultation, Dr. Zaki Taher will perform a physical evaluation that primarily involves a facial observation and the taking of photographs at various angles that will allow him to study the facial structure. It also provides the specialist the opportunity to determine which characteristics you are seeking to improve and the type of filler necessary to obtain the desired results.

The specialist will talk with you about your expectations in the treatment with injectables, show the aesthetic treatments carried out previously, clarify all your questions, and clear all your doubts to make you feel confident with the professionalism and integrity that we characterize ourselves by.

Don’t wait any longer and schedule your consultation for the best injectable treatments from Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinics in Edmonton, Alberta!

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