Surgical Mole Removal

Surgical Mole Removal

Moles occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster rather than being spread throughout the skin. The size and location of moles can often be undesirable for many people, resulting in less overall satisfaction with their skin. 

Moles are often undesirable conditions on the skin that may be viewed as unsightly, or depending on their location, even become uncomfortable. At Lucere, we offer two surgical approaches to removing moles: 

1) Scalpel Sculpturing Procedure – This procedure is minimally invasive, with no stitching required for the patient.   

2)Excisional Mole Removal – This procedure requires the patient to have stitches.   


Benefits of Surgical Mole Removal:

  • Moles removed surgically are always sent to the laboratory to confirm the diagnosis 
  • Improved confidence 
  • Improved aesthetic appearance 
  • Improved daily life activities: comfort with washing the face, brushing hair (no longer nicking the mole with the hairbrush), shaving (especially for men if the mole is on beard area)

Treatment Time

15 minutes per mole.

Discomfort Level

No pain once mole has been numbed. It may feel like a papercut post-treatment, and there is usually no need for pain control medications, however, Tylenol can be taken.



Recovery Time

7-14 days with some erythema after, which will improve with time. Full healing  can take a few weeks up to 3 months. 

Treatments & Results

Permanent; however, there is a very low risk of recurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we get moles?

Moles are a common, benign (harmless) skin lesion due to a local increase of pigment cells (melanocytes). They start in childhood and become more noticeable and persist into adulthood. Older patients over the age of 65 with new moles occurring should seek assessment with a health care practitioner.

What surgical mole removal methods does Lucere offer?

At Lucere, we offer two different surgical methods used to treat moles: 

1) Scalpel Sculpturing Procedure – This procedure is minimally invasive, with no stitching required for the patient.   

2) Excisional Mole Removal – This procedure requires the patient to have stitches.

Can moles be harmful to my health?

Moles are harmlessbenign growths but can be cause irritation to the skin (for example when caught on clothing). A medical assessment with a healthcare practitioner is usually necessary to determine whether your mole is benign (harmless) or is a sign of skin cancer. 

Can I get a medical dermatology assessment at Lucere?

Yes, please obtain a referral from any family physician to be sent to our Board-Certified DermatologistDr. Zaki Taher. 

Can I get new, harmless moles with age?

Yes, you can get more moles with age, however, if you have a strong family history of skin cancer or if you are over the age of 65it is recommended to have a medical assessment with a healthcare practitioner if you see new mole growth. 

What are early signs of melanoma (skin cancer)?

Use the ABCDEs as a guide when analyzing moles:  

AsymmetryTwo halves of the mole look different 

Borders: The border is poorly defined or irregular 

ColorThe color varies from one area to another 

Diameter: The mole is larger than 6mm or a pencil eraser 

Evolution: The mole is changing 

Additionally, any moles that are painful to touch or are bleeding should be assessed by a Board-Certified Dermatologist right away. 

How much does a surgical mole removal at Lucere cost?

The cost of laser mole removal ranges from $225-$1,750 per mole. The cost is determined by the size, location, type of mole as well as the method of removal required. A consultation for Mole Removal is required to determine what treatment is right for you. Our team will decide the best option for removal, and this will be clearly communicated to you before the procedure. 

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