Sculptra Butt Lift

Lucere’s Sculptra Butt Lift

Do you dream of having a Brazilian Butt Lift without the risks, pain and downtime of an invasive, surgical procedure? Dream no more! Lucere is the top clinic in Edmonton for the Sculptra Butt Lift, which will give you the results of a butt lift without the surgery and downtime! It is fast, safe and a natural approach to stimulating your body’s own collagen for a beautiful shape and increased volume.

At Lucere, we use high quality, premium filler, which is completely safe for your body. Remember, any type of fillers are half science and half art, and the advanced techniques of your injector will determine the outcome of your results.

Benefits of the Sculptra Butt Lift:

  • Volumizes & shapes the butt
  • Stimulates & builds your body’s natural collagen
  • A non-surgical approach to a Brazilian Butt Lift
  • No downtime & no surgical scarring
  • Eliminates the risks associated with surgical procedures

Treatment Time

1 hour

Discomfort Level

Mild – Moderate



Recovery Time

Mild tenderness for 3-5 days

Treatments & Results

At least 3 treatments needed for optimal results, 4 weeks apart. Results can be seen 6-12 weeks after 3rd treatment. Maintenance treatments every 1 to 1.5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift better than a surgical procedure?

The Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift uses premium filler that is expertly injected to give the buttocks shape, lift and volume. Results are beautiful and natural-looking, giving restored volume and a subtle lift. Our approach is non-surgical, meaning no downtime is required and there is no scarring at all. More importantly, any risks associated with a surgical butt lift are eliminated. Using expertly injected Sculptra filler, we can stimulate your body’s natural collagen response with minimal maintenance for results you’ll love!

Is the Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift right for me?

The Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift is an amazing treatment for those who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure and are looking for a non-surgical alternative. Clients should be in good health and are able to maintain a stable, healthy weight. Clients should be willing to commit to multiple treatment sessions to see the full effect of the treatment.

Are there more advanced filler materials?

Because of the expertise of our injectors at Lucere, we are proud to be one of the few clinics in Alberta to offer Sculptra filler treatment. A major advantage of Sculptra is that it lasts much longer than Juvéderm, Restalyne and other hyaluronic acid fillers. This makes it ideal to use for the Lucere Butt Lift.

What can I expect during my treatment?

Before administering your injections, the treated area will be cleaned and prepped for the procedure. You may have a topical anesthetic applied to the area in an effort to numb it so that no pain is felt. Our expert injectors will then inject a precise amount of filler beneath your skin and massage it into place to achieve the desired results.

How fast is the treatment and are results instant?

The Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift typically takes one hour per treatment to complete. At least 3 treatments will be needed for optimal results. These treatments should be 4 weeks apart. Results can be seen 6-12 weeks after the third treatment, once the filler has taken effect and your body has began producing more collagen in the treated area. One maintenance treatment will typically be needed every 1 to 1.5 years.

What are the potential side effects of a Filler treatment?

Fillers are a relatively safe treatment with not many side effects. It is normal to experience redness, swelling, tingling, firmness, and/or bruising after treatment. These effects are common and temporary, fading away within a few days after treatment. The Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift can leave the area tender for around 3-5 days. Remember, you should always research your injector well and only allow a highly trained injector who understands the anatomy of the face to perform this treatment, in order to avoid complications.

Does Lucere have the best Filler treatment in Edmonton?

We believe in offering safe and natural results with filler. We do not want patients to look overdone and our focus is more on enhancing the natural beauty of our patients and always keeping their goals in mind.

What makes Lucere superior to the rest is that we are led by Dr. Zaki Taher, a renowned Board-Certified Dermatologist, who values safety and technique. He is highly sought after for his expertise and teaches nationally on advanced injection techniques.

Lucere also believes in education and we invest in our staff by sending them all around the world to learn the best practices and techniques, allowing them to bring this knowledge back to our clinic for our clients.

How much does the Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift cost?

The Lucere Sculptra Butt Lift ranges from $2,500 – $3,900 per session. Package pricing is available. We invite you to book a complimentary consultation to learn if this treatment is right for you.

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