Laser Genesis

Lucere’s Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a gentle, non-ablative laser treatment that is designed to diminish redness, improve tone and texture, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles to provide younger-looking, radiant skin.

The gentle laser energy stimulates the skin’s natural rejuvenation process to improve signs of aging and sun damage, resulting in a healthier looking, more vibrant complexion. As this treatment is non-invasive, there is no downtime after your procedure.


Benefits of Laser Genesis:

  • Reduces redness
  • Minimizes pores size
  • Improves the look of acne scarring & other scars
  • Improves tone & texture
  • Diminishes the look of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improvement in overall skin quality

Treatment Time

45 minutes – 1 hour

Discomfort Level

None – mild



Recovery Time

Mild pink, flushed skin for 1-3 days. In some cases mild puffiness or swelling 2-4 days.

Treatments & Results

4-6 treatments needed for optimal results, 4 weeks apart.

You will have longer-lasting results by using a physical block sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure and committing to a medical-grade skincare routine.

*Each client is unique and these are general treatment guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Laser Genesis work?

It by delivering micro-pulses of energy from a specialized laser into the skin. The laser energy stimulates the skin’s natural collagen remodeling process, helping to improve the look of unwanted signs of aging and skin distress, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots.

Laser Genesis treatments also work to target and treat excessive redness in the skin by targeting excess microvessels that cause redness. This will reduce discoloration in the skin over a series of treatments.

What can I expect during the procedure?

You should not experience any pain or discomfort during your Laser Genesis procedure. You will experience a gentle, warm sensation on the surface of your skin through the energy of the laser. Most patients describe this sensation as relaxing and therapeutic.

What areas can be treated using Laser Genesis?

This treatment can be used to improve the look of fine lines, redness, sun damage, aging, and mild wrinkles and scarring in the following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Other areas of the body with noticeable signs of aging or damaged skin

How many Laser Genesis treatments will I need?

Each person has unique skin needs and goals, resulting in a variation for the optimal number of required treatments. However, a series for 4-6 Laser Genesis treatments are typically recommended for most patients to achieve optimal results. Results will continue to improve for months following your last treatment. To sustain results over a longer period of time, we recommend ongoing maintenance treatments.

Are there any side effects of Laser Genesis treatments?

You may notice a slight redness in your skin immediately following treatment. However, this will typically resolve within a few hours for most patients. As there is no downtime with Laser Genesis, you may resume applying sunscreen and makeup immediately after your treatment.

Where do I get Laser Genesis in Edmonton?

Laser Genesis is a safe, non-invasive procedure that should only be delivered by a professional. As the leading dermatology and laser clinic in Edmonton, Lucere is proud to offer professional Laser Genesis treatments to our clients.

Dr. Zaki Taher is a Board-Certified Dermatologist who specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Surgery, and our expert team is specially selected to work alongside him. Our staff is experienced and highly trained in advanced cosmetic dermatology techniques and technologies.

To determine the right Laser Genesis treatment for you, book a complimentary consultation with one of our skin experts.