Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

In order to maintain your skin’s youthful look and feel, there is a regular regimen that you can maintain; things like eating healthy, not smoking and moisturizing regularly are all part of a good skin routine, especially in Edmonton’s harsh climate. But what if you need something to amplify your regular skin routine without resorting to aggressive resurfacing treatments? Clear+Brilliant is the treatment that you are looking for–a laser treatment to refresh and rejuvenate skin without the need for more invasive procedures. It helps restore your skin to a youthful glow and eliminate blemishes or issues in skin texture.

Clear and Brilliant laser treatment offers our patients a safe and simple procedure that requires little-to-no down time and has been reported to give clients younger looking skin and a youthful glow. This treatment reduces the appearance of pores and creates and improved skin tone and smoother texture. This treatment is best for you if you like the way your skin looks today and you want to keep that same youthful look for years to come. Clear and Brilliant offers our clients an anti-aging treatment that is proactive and helps give you a clear and youthful appearance to appreciate now and in the future.

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