Cellulite is a very complex and difficult condition to treat. Cellulite is often hereditary, and there is no one specific treatment that will totally make it disappear. While complete correction is not possible, Lucere offers powerful Skin Tightening treatments that can work to improve the appearance of cellulite and restore your confidence!

As the leading dermatology, laser, and cosmetic clinic, Lucere offers the highest quality, non-surgical procedures that work to create effective skin tightening solutions in Edmonton that may be beneficial for improving the appearance of cellulite.

Corrective Treatments

A non-invasive procedure that uses innovative laser technology to reduce sagging in the skin. Thermage safely heats the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate your existing collagen and promote new growth for younger-looking skin that is tighter and firmer.
Treatment Time: 2 hours
Discomfort Level: Moderate
Anesthesia: Available
Recovery Time: None
Results: Results seen 3-6 months after treatment. 1-2 treatments required annually for optimal results.
A non-invasive treatment that gently heats your skin to trigger a natural response for your skin to produce more collagen. It helps to regenerate collagen & elastin production, improve skin tightness & firmness, and leave you with a fresh, youthful-looking appearance.
Treatment Time: 1 hour
Discomfort Level: None
Anesthesia: None
Recovery Time: None
Results: 3-5 treatments recommended for optimal results, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Results continue to improve for up to 6 months after the final treatment of the series.
Fotona Smooth + Lift
A non-invasive laser treatment that works to enable the full-thickness contraction of collagen in the face for skin resurfacing, brightening, tightening and the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles and sun damage.
Treatment Time: 2 hours
Discomfort Level: Mild-Moderate
Anesthesia: Topical numbing cream
Recovery Time: Depending on customized treatment, it can range from no downtime to redness, flaking and/or swelling for 3-5 days
Results: 3-5 treatments needed for optimal results.

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