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Botox Vs. Fillers – Which One is Right for You?

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If you’re concerned about wrinkles and lines and are looking for treatments, you’ve probably heard about both Botox and injectable fillers. In fact, they’re so famous that even if you haven’t been researching skincare solutions, you’ve probably heard of both of these popular treatments!

Botox is used to target crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines. Fillers are often used to smooth lines and wrinkles such as laugh lines. Both are sought out by clients of all varieties looking to maintain or restore a fresh, youthful appearance.

Botox and fillers seem to treat similar problems, so to understand which treatment is right for you, it helps to know how each treatment works. Of course, consult with your licensed dermatologist to get a custom treatment schedule designed just for you and your needs!

How Botox Works

Botox and other injectable wrinkle reducers like Dysport work by relaxing specific muscles at the site of injection. Certain kinds of wrinkles, like those around eyes, on the forehead and between the eyebrows, are created by common, often repeated, expressions like squinting, frowning and smiling. These movements crease the skin in the same place over and over, creating lines in the skin.

These kinds of wrinkles can be reduced and prevented with Botox. Skillfully applied Botox won’t stop you from laughing, smiling and frowning; it just gives the skin a break and smooths out lines by relaxing certain muscles in key places.

How Injectable Fillers Work

Another kind of line and wrinkle is created by the natural loss of volume in the skin which occurs over time. As the skin loses volume with age, it results in a deflated, sagging appearance in the skin and facial features, and lines begin to appear. Fillers treat these kinds of lines, as well as the general loss of volume and fullness in the skin and face.

Injectable fillers are made of a variety of substances, but the most popular ingredient is a version of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin and is a popular ingredient in skin creams and serums as well. When injected under the skin, these substances literally “fill in” plumpness lost with age. They restore volume to sagging cheeks, thinning lips and deep facial wrinkles such as the lines that form around the nose and mouth.

Choosing Botox Vs Fillers

Although Botox and fillers treat similar concerns (lines and wrinkles) and both restore freshness and youth to the skin and facial features, they are very different products. They work in different ways to address different types of wrinkles or their underlying causes. So, whether you choose Botox or fillers, or a combination of both, depends on the type of wrinkle you want to treat.

If you are concerned about a deflating, or sagging appearance which is producing or deepening facial lines, then fillers are the right choice for you. Even if you are only beginning to show signs of ageing in your skin, the right filler treatment can enhance your features and refresh your appearance.

If you are more troubled by lines around the eyes and forehead, then Botox may be the best option to smooth your skin. Botox is also useful in preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Both Botox and fillers have nearly instant results. You’ll see the first effects of Botox 1-2 days after treatment, with full results in a few weeks. You’ll see results from fillers immediately, with full results appearing within two weeks. There is minimal recovery time for either treatment, so both are an excellent option for refreshing your look before a big event.

Most people develop a combination of lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions and movement, and lines caused by loss of volume. For many people, a combination of Botox and fillers gives the best results.

Where to Get Fillers Or Botox in Edmonton

When choosing a Botox or fillers provider, look for experience and certification. Ask to see photos of previous treatments. Both treatments are an art as much as a science and a skilled and experienced provider will be able to give you natural, beautiful results. At Lucere Dermatology, our motto is “Look Great, Not Done.”

In Alberta, dentists can offer Botox treatment. While you may trust your dentist for many treatments, keep in mind that dentists usually learn Botox from a weekend course. You will get the best advice and results from someone who is extensively trained in skin science and has dedicated themselves to gaining experience in cosmetic dermatology treatments.

At Lucere Dermatology, our team has over 40 years of experience providing Botox and filler treatments. Our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Zaki Taher, is a national instructor in advanced Botox and filler injection techniques.

The best way to decide whether Botox, fillers or a combination of the two is best for you is to visit a cosmetic dermatologist experienced in both treatments. They will be able to identify the causes and best treatments for your concerns.

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