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Turn that Frown Upside Down: Altering Your Emotional Attributes Using the MD Codes™

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Based on a deeper understanding of facial anatomy, Dr. Mauricio de Maio developed the innovative MD Codes™, which outlines a series of injection points in the face that treat the cause of facial aging, not just the symptoms.

This innovative approach sets a new standard for injectables, building upon the ‘facial foundation’ of a client to provide support and lift, followed by ‘contouring’ to add shape and volume to the face, and finally, finishing off with ‘refining’ to achieve optimal results.

The MD Codes™ help physicians and cosmetic injectors recognize how areas of the face are directly linked to emotional attributes, and how enhancing these emotional attributes by injecting strategic points on the face deliver beautiful, natural-looking results, which focus on how clients want to feel after the treatment.

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio

World-renowned plastic surgeon, master cosmetic injector and international speaker, Dr. Mauricio de Maio, creator of the MD Codes™ System.

What are the MD Codes?

The MD Codes™ is a revolutionary, step-by-step approach in guiding the injecting physician on how to create the most natural and desirable facial structure for patients, using dermal fillers. This approach was created by the world-renowned plastic surgeon, master cosmetic injector and international speaker, Dr. Mauricio de Maio of Brazil.

This very strategic approach to dermal fillers is quite precise and methodical in first analyzing a patient’s natural facial structure, their desired results, and then treating the face to achieve the best outcome. The idea here is to not only focus on the problem areas directly, rather but also target the source of the issues through the MD Codes™, which are a series of precise injection points on the face.

Lucere’s very own Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Zaki Taher, is one of seven physicians in Canada who was personally taught the MD Codes™ by Dr. de Maio himself, and in turn, has been responsible for teaching other physicians these revolutionary techniques. Dr. Taher believes that the use of the MD Codes™ yields greater benefits for his clients in both the immediate and longer-term.

The philosophy behind the MD Codes™ is that by treating the face holistically and targeting the actual causes of volume loss and sagging in the face, the client will receive optimal, more effective and longer-lasting results that are natural-looking upon completion of the treatment. Dr. de Maio’s strong grasp of the underlying processes at work in facial aging and how to reverse them with this approach is unmatched in the world of dermatology and cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Mauricio de Maio, teaching the MD Codes™ System

Dr. Mauricio de Maio, teaching the MD Codes™ System to an international audience of dermatologists.

What Areas do the MD Codes™ Address?

The MD Codes™ defines a total of 75 unique codes of the face, with each code representing an individual subunit. The codes are precise injection points. When injected properly using specific injection techniques, low injection volume and taking into consideration the client’s own unique profile, the MD Codes™ approach delivers results that are predictable, safe and above all, beautiful. The following areas of the face are easily treated using this approach:

  • the Forehead,
  • the Brows,
  • the Cheeks,
  • the Under-Eye area,
  • the Temples,
  • the Nasolabial area,
  • the Marionette lines,
  • the Jawline,
  • the Lips
  • and the Chin.

What are the Emotional Attributes of the MD Codes?

In formulating the MD Codes™, Dr. de Maio conceptualized a set of eight emotions, which he describes as the 8 Emotional Attributes. He believes that these eight attributes help determine how we feel on the inside, and as the natural effects of aging kick in, how we hope to look to counteract these emotions that set in with aging on the exterior. Often, as we age, what we feel on the inside isn’t truly reflected on the outside.

The Emotional Attributes are divided into two groups.

The Negative Emotional Attributes, which are wanting to look:

  1. Less Tired
  2. Less Sad
  3. Less Saggy
  4. Less Angry

The Positive Emotional Attributes, which are wanting to look:

  1. More Attractive
  2. Younger
  3. Slimmer in the Face
  4. More Feminine/Masculine

Dr. de Maio believes that the secret to unlocking your “personal code” is by understanding the motivation behind what you hope to achieve, that is, addressing the features that bother you and what you are hoping to achieve emotionally by changing them.

A Revolutionary Shift in Cosmetically Altering Your Emotions

The Emotional Attributes are a tool to allow physicians to understand the client’s feelings and emotions, that go way beyond the corrections of just fine lines or wrinkles. They allow an expert to inject in a manner that corrects your expressions to match what you are truly feeling.

By discussing these attributes with patients, Dr. Taher and the experts at Lucere can unveil the true motivations of what brought clients into the clinic in the first place, thus, yielding more effective results. The important thing to understand is that we can truly achieve the Positive Emotional Attributes (to look more attractive, younger, slimmer and more feminine/masculine) only by correcting the Negative Emotional Attributes (looking tired, sad, saggy and angry) first.

Addressing these attributes with precision technique as well as the experience and expertise of your physician will lead to desirable results that every client will be satisfied with. It’s our goal to ensure that our clients’ appearances are more aligned with how they feel on the inside.

MD Codes treatment before and after

This beautiful Lucere client had the desire to look less tired, less saggy and less sad. By applying the MD Codes™ System, Dr. Zaki Taher was able to achieve results that did just that.

At Lucere, it’s common for us to see clients that focus on specific facial lines, wrinkles or folds that they would like to address. Dr. Taher and his Aesthetic Nurses, however, gear the initial conversation in a different way. We like to understand what your face is really saying about you and what you feel. More importantly, we’re interested in learning what emotions you would like to convey to others.

For example, a patient may say they want to simply reduce frown lines, but through a deeper conversation with our team, together we come up with a more holistic solution to look less tired, less saggy and less sad. That’s really the root of the problem. A tired, saggy and sad appearance is created by:

  1. Low eyebrows
  2. Temples that appear sunken
  3. Cheeks that are sagging
  4. Bags under the eyes
  5. Downward turned smile

If the goal was to just remove frown lines, a few injections of Botox would be useful. But the client wouldn’t be completely satisfied with the results because what she is really after is a more attractive, happier face that glows. Following the MD Codes™ allows us to give our clients just that. With precise filler injection points and using different types of filler designed for specific areas, we can:

  1. Lift the brows
  2. Rectify the temple
  3. Add volume to the cheeks to reduce sagging
  4. Lessen the intensity of undereye bags
  5. Flip the smile

Keep in mind that these are only some areas of correction. With the professional opinion of a board-certified dermatologist who incorporates the Emotional Attributes in their injecting, more areas can also be treated.

Incorporating the 8 Emotional Attributes allows us to truly deliver the results clients envision. The MD Codes™ are an advancement in the field of medical aesthetics, and by using this innovative system, we at Lucere ensure our clients’ appearances and results are natural, beautiful and fresh, but more importantly, are aligned with how they want to feel about themselves.

Dr. Zaki Taher utilizing the MD Codes™ technique


Our Board-Certified Dermatologist & Master Cosmetic Injector, Dr. Zaki Taher, expertly injecting this beautiful Lucere client, utilizing the MD Codes™ technique.

A New Standard for Superior Results

It’s more important than ever for cosmetic physicians to be more than just injectors of dermal fillers or Botox. They need to be experts at it! The MD Codes™ allow injectors to be just that, given that Dr. de Maio developed them as essentially a new language to help injectors read the emotions of the face, and how to alter these messages to properly show how a person actually feels. The system is results-focused and puts emphasis on a client’s individual goals.

The beauty of this technique is that it can be adjusted to suit the unique facial features and personal motivations for each client. The system takes into perspective the full picture and how our features are interconnected and reliant on one another. A simple adjustment in one place can make the world of a difference for the face as a whole. As a result, The MD Codes™ are proven to lead to high patient satisfaction and serve to unlock your personal code.

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