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A Lucere Skin Story: Nola’s Journey

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The Skin Experts at Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic are committed to transforming the lives of our beautiful clients. While we focus on enhancing beauty, a major motivation for us is to restore the confidence and self-esteem of every client that walks through the door. If we are able to achieve this, then we know we have done our job correctly! 

Our beautiful client Nola came to us in need of a major skin transformation. Nola is an Alberta rancher who spends a lot of her time working outdoors every day. Being outside daily exposes her skin to many environmental aggressors, such as sun damage and air pollution. Nola spent many years of her life without properly protecting her skin, especially from the sun. 

Spending many years working outside on the ranch, Nola neglected her skin by not always using proper sunscreen. Exposing her skin to the dangerous UVA and UVB rays that the sun radiates, Nola significantly damaged her skin. The sun aged her skin dramatically, and destroyed the quality of it, leading to pigmentation, age spots and irregular texture. This also contributed to her skins firmness and elasticity deteriorating significantly.  

Nola decided that it was time to make a change, and hopefully reverse the signs of aging caused by time, sun damage and years of neglect. She heard about Lucere Dermatology and the amazing results that our clinic is able to achieve. We were honored Nola made the decision to come in and trust us with her skin journey! 

A Customized Skin Treatment Plan

When Nola came to Lucere, she knew that it was time for a serious change. She was no longer happy with the way she looked and felt. One thing that stood out to us, was how she described looking much older on the outside, compared to how she felt on the inside. She still feels strong, energetic and ready to enjoy life! 

Nola had her initial consultation with our Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Zaki Taher. Dr. Taher was excited to take Nola on this transformational skin journey, and knew he would be able to achieve incredible results with a customized Lucere treatment plan. Nola was excited to commit to the process and put her trust in our Skin Experts. 

Dr. Taher started off analyzing Nolas skin to really understand the extent of aging and damage her skin had went through. By using advanced technology, Nolas skin was assessed through our Lucere Skin Analysis. This technology allows our experts to have true insight on the extent of Nolas sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles, skin complexion and texture, spots, pore size, and the list goes on! 

After assessing the results of her Lucere Skin Analysis, Dr. Taher began the conversation by trying to understand Nolas motivation for this journey. It is important for us to understand what our clients hope to achieve, what their skin goals are, and what will make them feel more confident.  

Lucere is driven by achieving real results for our clients, and by going through the consultation process, we are better able to personalize a custom treatment plan to ensure our clients leave feeling beautiful and confident. Lucere is proud to offer over 25 different lasers and skin treatments that can help our experts treat clients using a very targeted approach.  

Dr. Taher decided that Nola would need to start with one of our most powerful combination treatments, Luceres ThermaFrax treatment. This combines Skin Resurfacing with Skin Tightening. Dr. Taher also recommended that expertly injected Botox and Filler would be needed to further provide Nola with optimal results and more of a lift. After discussing the process and plan together, Nola agreed to her treatment plan and was excited to start the process! 

The Journey of an Epic Transformation

After the consultation process, Nola started her journey with her ThermaFrax treatment. After her lasers, she had expertly injected Botox and Filler. Keep reading to find out more about the treatments that helped Nola achieve her incredible results! 

Lucere’s ThermaFrax Treatment

Nola started her journey with our laser treatments. These lasers use proven technology, and are performed by leading experts in the industry who have the expertise to use the lasers to their fullest potential. This is a big factor to consider. A laser is powerful, but is only half the reason for the results. It is the experience and knowledge of the person using the device that differentiates your results from someone with less expertise. 

Dr. Taher chose the ThermaFrax treatment for Nola because its one our most powerful combination laser treatments. Because Nola wanted a major skin transformation and the ultimate rejuvenation treatment, it was the best option for her. The ThermaFrax helped Nola achieve skin that was smoother, firmer and left her looking significantly younger. 

The treatment starts off with our Thermage Skin Tightening laser. Because Nola was after skin that was visibly tighter and firmer, and because she wanted to reverse the signs of aging, this was a game changer for her. The treatment was comfortable overall, and Nola felt brief sensations of deep heat. Our CPT technology helped release alternating cool bursts with the radio-frequency heat energy. This helped keep the laser treatment as comfortable as possible for her. 

After Nolas Skin Tightening portion of the treatment, we applied a topical numbing cream in preparation for her Fraxel Skin Resurfacing treatment. This is a non-ablative laser treatment that Dr. Taher chose to address Nolas concerns with tone, texture and the appearance of her sun-damaged skin. Nola had brown spots because of a build-up of sun exposure that she was hoping to improve. Luceres Fraxel treatment was just the way to do it! 

After Nolas face was numbed, the laser was used and Nola felt a warm sensation across her face. The Fraxel laser releases certain wavelengths dictated by settings Dr. Taher has mastered and customized for our clients. The benefit of the Fraxel is that it treated portions of Nolas skin tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue intact for a quicker healing process. 

Luceres ThermaFrax treatment significantly improved Nolas skin firmness and elasticity by stimulating collagen production. It helped improve the appearance of her skin tone and texture, while reducing the appearance of her unwanted brown spots. Nolas fine lines and wrinkles were also significantly improved, but it was explained to her that this improvement wouldnt happen overnight.  

With our ThermaFrax treatment, you notice immediate results, but the beauty is in the progressive results you can see for up to 6 months of your treatment. It takes time for your collagen to be stimulated and built up. After Nolas laser treatments, Dr. Tahers next steps were to see Nola sometime later for her expertly injected Botox and Filler treatments. 

Expertly Injected Botox and Filler

Cosmetic injectables should only be expertly injected. That means that your injector should have an aesthetic eye, and also strong command of facial anatomy to provide you with a safe treatment that gives you the results you want. Our Expert Injectors at both our South Side Edmonton and Downtown Edmonton locations are leaders in injecting Botox and Filler. 

We started Nolas injectable treatments with Botox. This was meant to relax her expressions for a softer, more rejuvenated look. Neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport and Nucieva also help from preventing fine lines and wrinkles from deepening.  

Dr. Taher then expertly injected dermal fillers into strategic areas of Nolas face, to continue providing better results. Filler was strategically used to restore volume where it was lost, and provide structure and definition to certain facial features for a more youthful look.  

Filler was injected into Nolas temples to fill out hollowing that had occurred as her skin lost collagen over time. Next, filler was strategically placed around the under-eye region to fill out hollowing and improve the appearance of darkness. Filler was also expertly injected into the cheeks to not only restore volume for a more youthful cheekbone but also to give Nolas face a subtle lift that made a huge difference! Filler was also used in strategic spots on Nolas lower face like her chin and jawline to restore volume as well as enhance the area for a more structured, less saggy appearance. 

The Final Results 

Nola was incredibly impressed and happy after her results! She described the experience as life-changing, and could not believe the change she seen in herself. When we showed Nola her before and after photos, she was stunned! Her exact response seeing her before photos was that she felt she looked like she was on deaths doorbefore her Lucere transformation. 

By combining lasers using proven technology, along with cosmetic injectables, our experts were able to enhance Nolas look, restore a sense of youth to her appearance, and give her a much-needed boost of confidence. We are so proud of these results, and we invite you to book a complimentary consultation to begin your Lucere Skin Transformation today! 

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