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The Three Pillars to Maintaining Your Youth: Injectables, Laser Treatments & Medical-Grade Skincare

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 Lucere ThermaFrax laser treatment before and after

This beautiful Lucere client had the Lucere ThermaFrax, which combines Thermage Skin Tightening with Fraxel Skin Resurfacing for powerful results! She also had Expertly Injected Botox & Filler, as well as a personalized skincare routine curated for her skin needs.

Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic is Edmonton’s leading clinic for medical and cosmetic dermatology. We pride ourselves on providing the best expertly injected Botox & Filler, the best laser treatments using proven technology, and a high-end selection of premium, medical-grade skincare that works. We proudly deliver these skin treatments with our qualified team of experts who are devoted to the well-being of our patients and clients.

Lucere uses the best in anti-aging science and technology to support and maintain optimal health, beauty and vitality. We are the trusted source of skin health education and services, and offer the latest cosmetic medical technologies and expert, patient-centred care. Lucere provides skin care excellence and leadership in safety and precision by delivering results that excite and instill confidence in all our clients.

Our philosophy is Look Good, Not Done’, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure every client achieves the results they dream of in a natural looking way. The goal is to never look “done” or fake. We want you looking fresh, well rested, and beautiful, without the dramatically altered appearance of invasive surgeries.

In order to achieve this, we at Lucere encourage our clients to commit and dedicate themselves to a journey that is well-rounded and has a full circle approach. This ultimate rejuvenation experience takes time, dedication and a strong commitment to the journey for the best skin of your life. This approach includes:

  • Expertly Injected Botox and Filler,
  • Laser and Skin treatments using proven technology, and
  • Premium, Medical-Grade Skincare to enhance and maintain your results.

When used in combination, these three pillars will help you achieve a younger, more rejuvenated look that is beautiful, and above all, natural. Whatever your skin goals are, Lucere can help you achieve them! Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits of our three pillars for incredible skin.

transformation with combining Botox & Filler

This beautiful Lucere client had an incredible transformation with combining Botox & Filler. She commits to a treatment plan of skin treatments and a personalized Lucere skincare routine.

Expertly Injected Botox & Filler Treatments

Botox and Filler treatments have become a hot topic in recent years! Lucere is the best choice for injectable treatments in Edmonton and Alberta, with a leading team including our Board-Certified Dermatologist and Expert Nurse Injectors. We aim to achieve results that our clients not only love but results that make them proud.

We offer Botox and Filler treatments at both our South Side and Downtown Edmonton locations. While many people think Botox and Filler are the same thing, they are actually very different and achieve different results. Depending on your goals and what you hope to achieve, Botox and Filler can be used in different ways to achieve those goals.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle treatments, also known as neuromodulator treatments, are administered using products like Botox, Dysport and Nuceiva. These products have many medical and cosmetic benefits. The main cosmetic benefit of neuromodulators is that they work to relax targeted muscles in the face.

This minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This also helps to soften certain facial expressions. So, if you are hoping to soften your forehead lines, frown lines or even your crow’s feet (lines found around your eyes) then treatments like Botox are a great solution.

Filler Treatments 

Fillers can help with minimizing lines in the face, however, unlike neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, Fillers are great for adding volume, definition and structure to specific facial features. This leads to a beautifully enhanced, youthful appearance. Symmetry is also a big concern that Fillers can target.

More specifically, Fillers are effective for:

  • Adding volume, hydration, structure and definition to the lips
  • Improving hollows and darkness found under the eyes
  • Lifting and projecting the eyebrows
  • Contouring and slimming the chin and jawline
  • Smoothing lines found around the mouth
  • Lifting and volumizing the cheeks
  • Adding volume to the temple area

Botox injections for forehead lines

This beautiful client wasn’t happy with her forehead lines. With expertly injected Botox, we were able to soften her lines for a more rejuvenated look.

Lasers and Skin Treatments Using Proven Technology

At Lucere, we offer over 25 different lasers and skin devices that help us address all skin concerns in an effective, targeted way. Every client is unique, and so is their skin story. It isn’t uncommon for our skin experts to treat different clients in different ways, to yield the results a client is after.

It’s important to remember that your laser treatments are just as important as your injectable treatments! It’s easy to overlook the power and benefits of targeted laser treatments and all the benefits they provide for your skin. Let’s break down certain skin concerns that we can treat here at Lucere.

Skin Resurfacing

You may have heard the term ‘skin resurfacing’ thrown out there, but what does it really mean? Skin Resurfacing treatments at Lucere use powerful, proven laser technology to address many skin concerns, such as irregular skin texture, improving the appearance of acne or surgical scars, bumpy skin, sun damage, pigmentation and spots.

Skin Resurfacing treatments are highly effective for anti-aging purposes as well. If you are looking for a more targeted approach for fine lines and wrinkles, hand rejuvenation and more, skin resurfacing treatments may be right for you.

Just remember, Skin Resurfacing treatments tend to be more advanced and a little more aggressive than other treatments, so it is highly recommended you seek a dermatology clinic with advanced laser training. Not only is Dr. Taher a Board-Certified Dermatologist, but he also went on to complete a Laser Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology Fellowship at the University of Ottawa.

Lucere’s Fraxel Skin Resurfacing  skin tightening treatment before and after

This beautiful client suffered from Melasma, but with Lucere’s Fraxel Skin Resurfacing treatment, she was able to successfully manage this skin condition.

Skin Brightening 

Much like the name suggests, Skin Brightening treatments at Lucere work to leave you with a bright, radiant glow! We offer many laser treatments with more gentle resurfacing laser technology. These lasers can address many variables that can negatively affect your skin, such as pollution, harsh climate conditions, and of course, time.

Not only do Lucere’s Skin Brightening treatments leave you with a healthy glow, but they also help to target and prevent the early signs of aging skin. Many people overlook the importance of prevention. By doing treatments before things become problems, you can prolong the signs of aging instead of working harder later to correct them. Lucere’s Skin Brightening treatments will leave you looking radiant and fabulous!

Skin Tightening

Lucere’s Skin Tightening laser treatments are the ultimate anti-aging solutions in Edmonton! For those clients seeking to improve skin firmness and skin elasticity, we got you covered! Our lasers can also help reduce eyelid hooding and improve the appearance of crepey skin. This will leave you with smoother, younger-looking skin.

Our Skin Tightening treatments complement other skin resurfacing and skin brightening treatments for even better results! Skin Tightening will take care of skin laxity and leave you looking firmer and tighter, but when paired with treatments like Lucere’s Fraxel Skin Resurfacing or our Clear + Brilliant Skin Brightening treatments, you will also take care of dull skin, texture, damage, and much more.

We have two favorite combination treatments here at Lucere that include our Skin Tightening treatments:

  1. The Lucere Tight + Bright treatment, which combines Skin Tightening with Skin Brightening.
  2. The Lucere ThermaFrax treatment, which combines Skin Tightening with Skin Resurfacing.

Redness and Veins

We are proud to offer many different treatments for client’s who suffer from redness. This can include treating unwanted red, brown, purple and blue discoloration in the skin. Our treatments can also help alleviate the symptoms of skin conditions like Rosacea.

Varicose or spider veins are another big condition our experts are capable of treating. Also known as venous disorder, these veins can be a very big aesthetic and medical concern for many. Lucere offers several different treatments for veins, such as Sclerotherapy, Nd:YAG Vein Reduction and EVLA Laser Vein treatmentsnose veins treatment before and after

This client was unhappy with the veins on his nose. With Lucere’s Excel V+ Vein treatment, we were able to reduce the appearance of veins and redness.

Skin Treatments for Maintenance 

Lucere also has a wide variety of less aggressive skin treatments that work to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, as well as stimulate and repair your skin. These treatments are great as stand-alone treatments to leave you with a radiant glow and cleaner skin.

They are also effective treatments to do in between more advanced laser treatments to help you maintain your results. Some of these treatments include Microneedling, the HydraFacial and Bela MD Microdermabrasion, as well as a variety of customized Chemical Peel treatments.

medical grade skin care shop

Premium, Medical-Grade Skincare that Works

As important as injectable and laser treatments are it is important to maintain the results of your in-clinic treatments at home. Our skin experts can help you curate the perfect medical-grade skincare routine, with products that will help you achieve even better skin.

It is important to include a great cleanser, exfoliator and toner in your routine to clean and prepare your skin for potent active ingredients. It is also recommended to include a retinol for cellular turnover and a vitamin C serum for brightening and added protection against environmental aggressors.

A physical sunscreen is also of utmost importance to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays from the sun. We offer medical-grade skincare from some of the best brands, such as ZO Skin Health, Skin Medica, Vivier Skin, Alumier MD, Skinceuticals, and much more!

To start your Lucere journey today, contact us to book a complimentary consultation.

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